Washing and Ironing

Threaded electric heaters and heating for the washing and ironing sector

A significant point of reference for Reart supplies, the Washing and Ironing sector is an integral part of the vast world of the textile industry, the manufacturing activity that produces and processes textile fibers.

The key element in the processing is the machinery used for individual processes such as washing, drying, and ironing, equipped with various types of electric heaters suitable for specific types of use and application. Reart enters the industrial sector of Washing and Ironing by offering smooth or finned tubular electric resistances, electric water heaters and electric heaters.

The approach is primarily based on the specific requirements of customers, who often have historical machinery already equipped with certain types of electric heating elements, which are often out of production. The reproduction of such resistances heating and/or heaters is essential to adapt to the needs and different types of processes in use.

Reart offers a wide range of smooth or finned electric tubular heaters resistances, ensuring effective heat transmission and rapid steam generation. In addition to these supplies intended for steam production, it also designs “U” resistances heating elements for ironing boards, which allow for uniform and controlled heating of the working surfaces.

The technical expertise of the Reart team enables the creation of customized products, from identifying initial needs to delivering the finished product, for optimal and long-lasting performance in water heating and steam generation processes.

Reart is committed to providing innovative and adaptable solutions to the specific needs of the energy sector, to deliver reliable performance, energy efficiency, and greater sustainability for geothermal power plants, wind power plants, and other energy applications.