Electric Resistances and Batteries for Industrial Ovens

In the field of industrial electric resistances, specific products are available to ensure the proper functioning of machinery. Among these, electric resistances for high-temperature ovens are particularly essential. Various types of industrial ovens are available in the market that require electric resistances or groups of resistances for heating process gasses.

Thanks to its many years of experience in the industry, Reart manufactures and sells electric heating groups for industrial ovens, offering high-quality products. Reart’s electric resistances for industrial ovens are used in various types of ovens, including paint ovens, drying ovens, annealing ovens, and process lines. All models of high-temperature electric resistances designed by Reart stand out for their reliability and the use of selected raw materials.

The types of electric resistances for ovens vary based on different applications and installations. For example, forced ventilation ovens, tempering ovens, and heat treatment ovens. The processes in these installations involve heating gasses that, in contact with the material, enable optimal reactions for processing customers’ products.

Ovens can operate at medium, low, or high temperatures, and different models of resistances are used accordingly, such as finned resistances, smooth tube resistances, and battery electric groups.

For instance, in the automotive sector, paint ovens are used, requiring high-power electric batteries due to high airflow rates. Reart manufactures electric batteries that can reach up to 0.5 megawatts, suitable for these paint booths and industrial ovens used for various treatments, painting, and drying.

In annealing ovens, smooth linear elements are used, mounted in groups directly on the customer’s machinery to generate a smooth tube heating battery and provide the necessary power for the process.

Enameling ovens are another type of oven that operates at high temperatures, reaching 400-500 °C. These ovens are used in various industrial processes, such as ceramics and the plant engineering sector, where insulators are present, such as in railway groups and the automotive industry.

Reart products suitable for industrial ovens