Electric heaters and batteries for the railway sector

In the railway sector, the entire air-conditioning and heating system of train carriages works thanks to the use of electric heating elements or electric heating batteries inserted in the air passage channel. These heaters are specially designed and sized according to F.S. specifications and the applicable regulatory references in the railway sector.

In particular, the air conditioning of train cabins is a fundamental element in guaranteeing the comfort and safety of passengers. The Reart division specialises in the supply of customised finned electric heating elements and electric batteries, which are widely used for train heating systems.

Over the years, the Reart team has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the railway industry’s standards for resistor designs with advanced technologies, where parameters such as stiffness, insulation and supply voltage can vary.

Thanks to the experience gained, the offer for the railway sector has been expanded, where Reart is now not only a supplier of spare parts for existing components, but also of complete solutions for the climate control of train cabins. The design ranges from individual resistor units to complete batteries, ensuring maximum flexibility for our customers’ needs.

Reart’s tailor-made tubular finned electric heating elements for the rail industry are precision-engineered for high thermal performance, reliability and durability.
Our experts work closely with the customer’s team to understand the needs and design heaters that perfectly match the applications, ensuring effective heat distribution inside the train cabins.

In addition, Reart’s electric batteries are made to meet the specific needs of train heating systems, offering customised solutions that perfectly match the space, power and range requirements, ensuring efficient energy management.

As a supplier to the railway industry, the Reart team is committed to offering high-quality products and customised solutions for heating train cabins.
Technical expertise and customer focus enable very specific requirements to be met, ensuring comfort and safety for passengers during their train journeys.

Reart’s mission is to continue to develop innovative, tailor-made solutions for the railway sector, offering a complete service from design to production and after-sales support.

Reart products suitable for the railway sector