Special Applications

Cartridge Heaters for the Industrial Sector

In the industrial sector, there are numerous specialized applications that require the use of compact cartridge heaters capable of dissipating a significant amount of power. Among these applications, we find:

  • Plate Heaters: used for the uniform heating of plates or flat surfaces in various industrial processes. They can be employed in applications such as heating work surfaces, hydraulic presses, or molding machinery.
  • Rotating Cylinder Heaters: for heating rotating cylinders in industrial machines. These cylinders can be used in a wide range of applications, such as rolling, printing, or processing rotating materials.
  • Towel Warmers: commonly used in hotels, restaurants, and other facilities to warm towels, providing comfort and well-being to customers. Cartridge heaters can be used in these devices to maintain towels at the desired temperature.
  • Mold Heating: in the injection molding process, it is often necessary to heat molds to facilitate product formation. Compact cartridge heaters are suitable for this application, as they can be precisely positioned inside the molds.
  • Injection Chambers: used in various industrial processes, such as plastic production, to heat and melt material before it is injected into molds or molded into the desired shape. Cartridge heaters are a common choice for heating these chambers.

In summary, small-sized cartridge heaters with high power dissipation are versatile and find application in a wide range of industrial processes where controlled and precise heating of specific surfaces, materials, or devices is required.

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