Chemical and Petrochemical

Electric Resistances and Heaters for the Catering Industry

The chemical and petrochemical sector is a sub-sector of the industry primarily involved in the production of semi-finished products using natural gas or hydrocarbon fractions derived from petroleum distillation as raw materials. It is a complex and well-structured field that requires technical expertise and products of high quality and safety standards.

Reart can meet the needs of its customers operating in the chemical and petrochemical industry, thanks to its experience in the Oil & Gas sector. The company specializes in the production of various types of electric heaters and accessories for heating liquids and gases of all kinds, including heat exchangers and electric batteries.

The company provides turnkey process skids, offering not only the electric heating system but also the related electrical control panel designed and sized to meet the specific requirements of the customers.

The project specifications include highly detailed conditions already in the initial phases at the offer level, so each system is generated ad hoc. Process, painting, material, general, and packaging specifications are defined for the realization of the plants. The turnkey product includes the control panel of the heater or battery.

To meet these specific requirements, Reart dedicates thorough study during the request for an offer phase, which involves particularly accurate detailed engineering and the development of customized designs for each customer, creating a final technical dossier of the order intended for CE marking and product certification.

Reart products suitable for the chemical and petrochemical sector