Electromedical Pharmaceutical

Electric Heaters for the Pharmaceutical and Electromedical Sectors

The pharmaceutical and electromedical sectors encompass research, manufacturing, and marketing activities related to drugs. Electromedical devices are considered medical devices and are part of the medical equipment used in the healthcare sector. Both sectors require the use of armored electric heaters in their production processes. In the pharmaceutical sector, electric heaters are employed in the production cycle of medications, while in the electromedical sector, they are directly applied to medical equipment.

In the pharmaceutical sector, electric heaters play a role in the drying of components such as antibiotic capsules, other drugs, and gauzes, by heating the airflow that dries them. The equipment used for laboratory testing includes sterilizers, where the resistance heats sterile water to facilitate specific reactions.

In the electromedical sector, custom resistances are employed based on the size and geometry required by the customer, sometimes using special materials or surface treatments to prevent corrosion.

Reart offers products tailored to various types of equipment, differentiated by geometry, power, and materials used, including domestic aerosol devices.