Electric heaters and batteries for the automotive sector

Reart, a specialized company, manufactures and markets immersion electric heaters and electric batteries perfectly suited for the automotive sector, used in the production process of components.
The products can be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer’s facility, ensuring appropriate temperatures of the gases or air used in the production process.

Electric batteries are employed in the production of panels and, in some applications, also serve as anti-freeze devices for diesel. Resistors and heaters are also used in the manufacturing process of components, rather than directly on the vehicles themselves.

In the automotive sector, for instance, they are used in ovens for windshields. Here, Reart provides electric batteries to heat the incoming air to the component, bringing it to the correct temperature at the output. This allows for the adjustment of process conditions so that the automotive component can be processed according to the required standards.

Reart products suitable for automotive sector