Electric Resistances and Heaters for the Catering Industry

The professional catering industry comprises various businesses serving the public, such as restaurants, pizzerias, bars, and pubs. Collective catering activities, such as corporate, school, and hospital cafeterias, also fall within this category. Reart is a specialized company committed to meeting the demands and needs of customers operating in the professional catering sector.

To cater to the diverse applications in this field, Reart offers a wide range of tubular electric resistances and immersion electric heaters. Leveraging its experience and knowledge of related sectors, the company provides customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of customers in the professional catering industry.

The resistances produced by Reart find use in various devices employed in professional catering activities. Smooth tube electric resistances are supplied for use in ovens used for baking or large-scale cooking, for example.

For dishwashers or washing machines, both flanged and smooth tube resistances can be used, depending on the appliance’s specifications. In baking, finned resistances are sometimes required to ensure even heat distribution.

Reart offers appropriately sized resistances for appliances such as food warmers, which require heating small quantities of water, or for fryers. In the case of rotisseries, the company customizes resistances using high-quality materials capable of withstanding specific food-related corrosion.

For pasta cookers, electric resistances are placed on the bottom of the pots to ensure even heat distribution. The production of resistances for professional coffee machines is highly advanced.