Electric Heaters for the Livestock Farming Sector

The livestock farming sector is dedicated to the production, breeding, and care of animals intended to provide food raw materials. In this context, Reart manufactures and markets threaded immersion electric heaters.

In the livestock farming sector, electric heaters play a crucial role in heating water for animal drinking and tank cleaning. These large tanks are widely used in this field, and during the cleaning process after use, they are sanitized using tap water, with the addition of chemicals, brought to temperatures suitable for reducing bacterial load and ensuring optimal hygiene conditions.

Other smaller-sized electric resistors are used to heat water for direct animal drinking or to prevent the proliferation of potentially harmful microbes in the case of water stagnation.

Therefore, in the livestock farming sector, electric heaters and resistors have various applications, each aimed at ensuring the health and well-being of animals and the quality of food raw materials produced.

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