Wine Industry

Electric heaters for the wine industry

In various processes within the Wine Industry, such as fermentation or wine aging, maintaining well-defined temperatures is crucial to obtain a high-quality product. Reart, with its experience in the Wine Sector, manufactures customized electric heaters – both for direct and indirect contact – using certified materials treated in accordance with food industry regulations and provisions.

Reart also produces and markets armored electric heating resistances with flange or immersion for:

  • Indirect heating winemaking systems.
  • Wine fermentation.
  • Alcohol and beer distillation plants.

These customized solutions can be designed to perfectly fit the dimensions and specifications of the containers used in the winemaking process.

Reart’s immersion electric heaters ensure quick and efficient heating of the must or liquids during the fermentation or maturation process. Furthermore, Reart designs standardized flanged electric heaters for industries producing autoclaves and stills, aiming to guarantee uniform and controlled heating during the distillation process.

The Reart team is also capable of providing wineries with smaller resistances for capsules.

Completing the range of products, Reart offers Atex flanged electric heaters, designed and certified for use in potentially explosive environments where increased safety is required. These solutions comply with electrical safety regulations and can be safely employed even in hazardous areas.

Reart provides specialized technical consultancy to assist customers in selecting the most suitable solutions for their specific needs.