Reco Products

Leader in the production of electric heating elements on screw and flange and unipolar and bipolar thermostats, Reco proposes itself as a reference partner for water heater manufacturers.

electric heating elements

Our Group, thanks to the company organizational division between Reco and Reart, is able to meet the many requirements for both standard and customized electric heating elements.

Standard electric heating elements

The Reco division is a leading manufacturer of standardized electric heating elements for electric water heaters for the domestic sector, meeting a wide range of applications for water heater manufacturers such as armored resistances and thermostats.

What are electric heating elements?

Electric heating elements are electrical components, devices and/or systems used for heating process fluids.

Electrical heating elements can be regulated and/or controlled with appropriate systems such as thermostats and/or thermal sensors, which, when connected, regulate the operation of the heating elements according to the process temperature.