Finned Electric heating elements

The Finned Electric heating elements produced by Reart are armoured heating elements that thanks to their technology are used in industrial processes for various applications such as air and gas in general, to heat or maintain the temperature of the process gas.

The electric heaters are finned to favour and improve the heat exchange between the heater and the fluid in processes with forced ventilation. Given their technology, they can also be installed directly in the rooms to be heated with process conditions in air or static gas.

In many applications they can be inserted in ventilation ducts or air conditioning systems (called electric coils) and are crossed directly by the process air or gas.

Finned Electric heating elements


These types of heaters are widely used in different heating processes for temperatures up to 450° C:

  • in the heating of outdoor environments
  • in drying plants
  • in air conditioning systems
  • in forced ventilation systems

Technical data

The Finned Electric heating elements are built with resistance wire in Ni Cr 80/20, positioned in the center of a metal tube and insulated with high quality magnesium oxide (MgO), compacted by the cold rolling process.
Finned Electric heating elements are available in standard diameters 8.5 -10-15 with the following materials:

  • Aisi 321 stainless steel
  • Aisi 316L stainless steel – Aisi 309

Finning external to the heating element to improve the heat exchange efficiency in Aisi304 stainless steel with a height of 5 mm or 8.5 mm.

The electric power for the finned electric heaters is normally designed with:

  • specific power of 2÷4 W/cm2 for systems with low flow rate of the process gas
  • specific powers of 6 ÷ 12 W/cm2 for systems with high flow rate of the process gas

The geometry and sizing of the finned electric heaters are designed according to the usable space available on the process as Reart performs customizations and modifications on customer specification. They can be bent to “U” or with “M” geometry with a maximum length of development up to 5.5 meters.

All the finned heating elements can be equipped with different accessories such as:

  • electrical connections with threaded terminal
  • threaded bushings for fixing the electrical heater to the process
  • flanges for fixing to the process according to customer drawing

Customized executions based on the customer’s design and request are possible.

The Finned Electric heating elements are applied for the following reference sectors: