Skid package solutions

Reart provides turnkey solutions for integrated electric exchangers with relative control system on skid. The Skid & Packages solution tends to integrate completely with the customer or end user system.

The Skid & Packages can be provided of:

  1. Electric exchanger with relative tank and piping.
  2. Electric control panel and management of the electric heater (optional software and PLC).
  3. Instrumentation for process temperature control
  4. Process safety instrumentation
  5. Operator panel, where applicable
  6. Heater connection cables – Switchboard
  7. Control and safety instrumentation connection cables

This solution can be supplied in standard IP65 execution or in execution for Atex Exd classified area valid for zone 1 and zone 2.

Skid package solutions

Reference standards for parts under pressure:

  • ASME VIII div.1 Last edition
  • VSR
  • PED directive and testing
  • U-Stamp
  • CEO Merkblatter 2000
  • Any standards required on specific customer.

Reference standards for heaters and Skid board instrumentation:

  • CEI EN
  • IEC
  • ATEX directive

For general characteristics relating to the Exchanger part, see the section “Standard and Ex execution electrical exchangers”.

For the part relating to the components and command and control panel, see the “Electrical Panel” and “Accessories” section.

The skids are customized according to the needs and specifications of the customer.

Reart is able to provide the following services to support the products supplied:

  • Commissioning & start-up assistance at the customer’s premises
  • Commissioning at the customer
  • Operational personal training
  • Software development
  • Assistance and Maintenance of existing plants supplied.
  • Spare parts on supplied products.

For the turnkey solution skids, the following documentation is provided in the final certification file that accompanies the product:

  • Declaration of conformity
  • Use and maintenance manual
  • Skid assembly drawings
  • Single-wire wiring diagrams
  • Multi-wire wiring diagrams
  • Technical data sheets of the components used and relative declarations of conformity of the suppliers
  • Component list.
  • Internal test Report.

Skid & Package Solutions are applied for the following reference sectors: