Heaters and Electric Resistances for the Tanning Industry

The tanning industry, highly renowned in Italy, plays a significant role in the production of leather goods, utilizing raw hides from the food industry. During certain stages of the treatment, heating is required using armored electric heaters.

Reart is a company that manufactures specific heaters that, when integrated into the processing workflow, bring the process to the required temperatures based on the specific needs of the customer’s facility.

In particular, for heating the fluids used in the initial stages, Reart offers armored electric heaters designed with a flanged connection, employed during washing processes where water or chemical solutions need to be brought to a specific temperature. These heaters can be immersed in vats used for the production of chemical agents employed in garment treatment.

For the drying or final drying phase of the tanned product, Reart produces finned tubular resistances, which play a vital role in the tanning industry. They are installed inside drying machines, which are part of the production lines involving the washing, drying, and finishing of hides and other materials used in this specific sector.

Reart offers a range of heat-generating products to meet the diverse heating requirements during various stages of the tanning process. These products are designed to operate within machinery and contribute to achieving the necessary temperatures for the specific processes required by customers in the tanning industry.

Reart products suitable for the tanning sector