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Electric Heaters and Heat Exchangers for the Research and Development Sector

Reart is deeply committed to collaborating with cutting-edge research and development organizations, actively contributing to the formulation of project specifications, processes, and operations for electric heaters and heat exchangers designed for a wide range of projects required by these entities.

Numerous experiments and laboratory tests in the field of research and development require a phase of fluid heating within the system or plant. In almost all research and development projects, this phase can be efficiently managed through the use of highly reliable electric heaters or heat exchangers.

By interfacing and collaborating with research entities or the R&D divisions of its clients, Reart can meet specific needs for the integration of its production heaters within these complex systems.

Reart’s collaborations in the field of research and development span a wide range of sectors:

  • Aerospace Sector: Reart collaborates with the aerospace sector to develop heating and heat exchange solutions for critical applications in this sector, thereby contributing to the safety and efficiency of aerospace systems.
  • Internationally Recognized Organizations: collaboration with internationally recognized research organizations, such as Cesi, underscores Reart’s commitment to providing high-quality, cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards.
  • Renewable Energy Sector (Ansaldo): Reart participates in the development of heating technologies and systems for the renewable energy sector, contributing to innovation in sustainable energy sources.
  • Universities and Public Institutions: Collaboration with universities and public institutions demonstrates Reart’s interest in contributing to research and education, advancing knowledge and technology.

Upon request, Reart provides and installs the electrical control panel for heat exchangers and various accessories for process control, ensuring comprehensive and customized support.

Reart’s technical department sizes and designs flanged electric heaters and electric heat exchangers, always taking into account the client’s process specifications, whether for liquid or gas fluids.

In the field of research and development, various types of flanged electric heaters or heat exchangers are used on different fluids, including:

  • Water, Freshwater, and Treated Water:
    heating water for experimental or process purposes in research and development laboratories. This may include heating water for chemical reactions, device testing, or other applications.
  • Heat Transfer Oil, Lubricants, and Fuels:
    heating heat transfer oils, lubricants, or fuels to study their behavior at different temperatures or for experimental purposes.
  • Eutectic Salts (often used in research labs for precise temperature regulation):
    heating these salts, which maintain a constant temperature during chemical reactions or tests.
  • Steam:
    critical for many research applications, such as steam device tests or studies on the behavior of steam at different temperatures and pressures.
  • Technical Gases:
    heating technical gases such as nitrogen or hydrogen, which may be required for specific chemical reactions or analytical purposes.
  • Forced Air and Nitrogen:
    crucial for numerous laboratory tests involving precise control of the surrounding atmosphere’s temperature.
  • Hydrogen:
    particularly important in applications related to hydrogen as an energy carrier, catalysts, and other related research.


The wide range of sectors with which Reart interacts in research and development reflects its versatility and ability to offer tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each partner.

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