Oils & Gas

Electric heaters and explosion-proof protections for the Oil & Gas Sector

The Oil and Gas extraction market is constantly evolving, as is the Oil & Gas sector. It’s a complex area that requires rigorous technical, safety, and impeccable skills and organization.

Reart manufactures electric heaters and explosion-proof protections specifically designed for the Oil & Gas sector, including:

  • Oil facilities.
  • Oil refineries.
  • Offshore platforms.
  • Extraction plant.
  • Natural gas storage and pumping facilities.

For over 40 years, Reart has been producing heater exchangers,gas heaters and oil heaters for heating various liquids and gases, as well as explosion-proof protections for the Oil & Gas sector.

Reart also provides process skids, which include the electric heat exchanger along with its corresponding electrical control panel. The installed electrical power on the electric heat exchangers can range from a few kilowatts to thousands of kilowatts, based on specific customer requirements and Reart’s engineering expertise.

Reart is capable of providing process plants for oil refineries, on/board plants, extraction plants, as well as air, water, and gas treatment systems.

Additionally, customized solutions can be developed to meet a wide range of requirements. While the technology of Reart products remains consistent, the design and sizing phases vary depending on the specific process. Factors such as thermal resistance, heat exchange surface, flow distribution, and other variables are considered to ensure optimal thermal efficiency.

In particular, for hydrocarbon gas treatment, heating requirements may vary depending on whether the gas is in a gaseous phase or in a two-phase state:

  1. for gaseous hydrocarbon processes, specially designed heating solutions are provided to maintain the required temperatures during the process. Reart’s electric heaters can be sized to handle high-pressure gas flows and elevated temperatures, ensuring efficient and precise heating;
  2. for processes involving two-phase hydrocarbon gas, where both gas and liquid coexist, Reart offers customized electric heaters that effectively heat both phases.

In the petrochemical sector, which primarily deals with liquids, Reart provides specific heating solutions for process fluids. Reart’s threaded or flanged immersion electric heaters can be designed to provide direct contact with liquids, ensuring efficient and uniform heating.

All heaters and heat exchangers manufactured by Reart are tailored for production lines that require individual, non-standardized components.
Each customer can request specific requirements such as dimensions, materials, flow rates, pressures, temperatures, and other customized properties.