Industrial kettles and boilers

Electric heaters for industrial kettles and boilers

Reart, a company specialized in the household, plant engineering, and industrial sectors, offers a wide range of electric immersion heaters for kettles and boilers. These heaters are essential for the proper functioning of complex systems used in the industrial, plant engineering, and civil sectors, as they allow the heating of liquids and process fluids.

The heaters provided by Reart are available with threaded or flanged connections, depending on the specific requirements of the application. The choice between threaded and flanged connections depends on the size of the tank and the volume of the liquid to be heated. For smaller sizes and powers, threaded heaters are used, while in other cases, flanged products are used.

The selection of materials for the heaters also depends on the intended use, which can vary based on the destination of the plant and the type of fluid to be heated. Reart offers personalized consultation to ensure the optimal selection of materials based on the specific needs of different types of customers and installation conditions, including the characteristics of the water used.

Reart heaters are designed to ensure optimal performance based on these factors and can also be an integration solution, ideal for private installations, providing additional support for the proper functioning of the existing heating system.

Reart products suitable for industrial tanks and boilers