Plant engineering

Heaters, Electric Heat Exchangers, and Accessories for the Plant Engineering Sector

The industrial plant engineering sector comprises a complex array of machinery, equipment, vehicles, and specialized personnel dedicated to transforming material and energy resources into finished products through chemical and physical processes. This sector is renowned for its complexity and robust technical structure, requiring not only expertise but also high-quality products for its proper operation.

The plant engineering sector is incredibly diverse, covering a wide range of applications. Reart designs and manufactures systems for various industries, ranging from textile processing to water and gas treatment.

With its extensive experience in plant engineering, Reart is capable of meeting the needs of clients operating in this sector by providing a wide range of electric heaters and accessories for the treatment of various liquids and gases. The application of these heaters is highly specific and can be customized for different requirements in industrial processes, which may involve gases, air, fumes, or liquids such as water, oil, chemical solutions, or water with chemical additives.

Additionally, Reart offers comprehensive services, including the construction of process skids and the provision of turnkey packages. This encompasses not only the electric heating system but also the corresponding electrical control panel, tailor-made to the client’s specifications.

In the industrial sector, each project requires a customized approach, with attention to the specific needs of the client. For example, if a plant works with water, Reart designs and provides an electric heat exchanger that suits water-related requirements. Similarly, if the system treats and heats gases, the plant is specially designed to meet material, surface power, length, diameter, and other related requirements.

The range of applications in the industrial plant engineering sector is vast, but Reart’s flexibility allows it to adapt to the diverse needs of clients by designing tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements and ensure that the product optimally serves the client’s needs.