Electric heaters and
electric heating systems

The Reco Group specializes in the production and marketing of electric and electric heaters, electric heating systems and various types of heaters. Created to expand the group’s offer with specific products for the industrial sector, Reart aims to propose innovative solutions designed to meet the customer’s needs with a range of heaters and heaters which, thanks to the versatility and the possibility of customization, they find application in numerous sectors, industrial and otherwise.

Application areas

Household appliance

For the household appliance sector, Reart offers Standard tubular electric heaters and threaded immersion electric heaters.

Wine Industry

For the wine sector Reart offers flanged electric heaters, also in Atex-ex execution and electric immersion heaters.

Oils & Gas

For the oil & gas Reart proposes electric heaters and heat exchangers, skid solutions, Control Panel Heaters and on-site panels.

Rubber and plastic molding

For the rubber and plastic molding sector Reart offers threaded immersion electric heaters and flanged electric heaters.


For the railway sector Reart offers Finned Electric heating elements and Electric Duct Heaters.

Renewable energies

For the energy sector, Reart offers standard and customized electric heat exchangers and electric coils.

Washing and Ironing

For the washing and ironing sector Reart offers smooth or Finned Electric heating elements and electric heaters.


For the tanning sector Reart offers flanged electric heaters and Standard tubular electric heaters.

Industrial ovens

For Reart of industrial ovens sector offers Standard tubular electric heaters, finned tubular heating elements and Electric Duct Heaters.

Chemical Treatments

For the chemical treatments sector, Reart offers special electrict heatersfor galvanic and electric threaded immersion heaters.

Electromedical Pharmaceutical

For the pharmaceutical and electro-medical sectors, Rear offers electric heaters, electric heaters and Electric Duct Heaters.

Industrial kettles and boilers

For industrial boilers and boilers Reart offers threaded immersion electric heaters and flanged electric heaters.


For the catering sector, Reart offers Standard tubular electric heaters, Finned Electric heating elements and threaded immersion electric heaters.

For chemical and petrochemical sectors, Reart offers flanged electric heaters, heat exchangers, control panels, and Electric Duct Heaters.

Naval Sector (Marine Division)

For the Naval Sector (Marine Division), Reart offers flanged electric heaters, threaded immersion heaters, and standard and customized electric heat exchangers.

Plant engineering

For the plant engineering sector Reart offers electric heaters, heat exchangers, skid solutions, control panels, Electric Duct Heaters and on-site panels in ex. execution.


For the Automotive sector, Reart offers threaded immersion electric heaters.

Research and development

For the research and development sector, Reart offers electric flanged heaters and electric heat exchangers.

Solar Thermal

For the solar thermal sector Reart offers threaded immersion electric heaters.


For the Automotive sector, Reart offers threaded immersion electric heaters and Electric Duct Heaters.

Special Applications

Cartridge heaters for plates, rotating cylinders, towel warmers, prints, heating and injection chambers.