Cartridge heaters

Cartridge heaters are an excellent solution to the need to heat particular applications with critical operating conditions.

These types of heaters can be designed, for the type of application, with high specific power and excellent reliability.

Cartridge heaters with low power density reach specific powers up to 6 ÷ 8 watts/cm2, unlike heaters with high power density that can reach up to 15 ÷ 20 watts/cm2, with temperatures that can reach 700° C.
This type of heater is widely used in particular applications with maximum operating temperatures up to 700° C, such as:

  • print heating
  • injection chambers
  • hot plates
Cartridge heaters

Technical features

Cartridge heaters are designed with the following manufacture guidelines:

  • Resistive wire in NiCr 80/20
  • Industrial high purity Magnesium oxide insulation
  • External metal sheath in stainless steel
  • Power cables incorporated in the head without rigid parts
  • Cartridge heater diameters according to the insertion hole
  • Length depending on the applied power and operating conditions

On request, Rart can provide threaded connections of the heater on the process, based on the diameter of the defined outer shell.

The cartridge heaters can also contain temperature detection sensors, to be used as a maximum alarm, to ensure a longer service life on the operation of the product. The sensors applied are Constantan iron “J” type thermocouples positioned near the bottom of the heater and isolated from the external metal sheath.

With this type of product, compared to the traditional heater, two main results are obtained:

  • specific powers and very high temperatures during its operation
  • a longer duration

Wide range of diameters, powers and lengths for every need with the possibility of special solutions on request.

The cartridge heaters are applied for the following reference sectors: