Accessories and spare parts

Wide range of Instrumentations, Instruments, Instrumentations, accessories and spare parts are supplied for the maintenance and reliability of the electric heaters manufactured and sold by Reart.

Among the various spare parts you can buy the following temperature sensors:

  1. Temperature probes (type “J” or type “K” thermocouples.
  2. RT Pt100 thermoheaters
  3. Wells for temperature probes.
  4. Temperature transmitters (normal or 4-20mA)
  5. Capillary bulb thermostats (For regulation or safety or both)
  6. Single-phase rigid rod thermostats (with regulation only or regulation and combined safety).
Accessories and spare parts

Type “J” or type “K” thermocouples.

Thermocouples are components used for temperature detection and are used on electric heaters for system safety and regulation.

Thermocouples consist of two metal conductors connected to one end called a “joint” and inserted in a protective metal sheath.

As the heating temperature varies (on the process), the voltage across the conductors varies, providing the junction reference temperature.

The metal conductors inside the tube are insulated with a fiberglass and silicone sheath.

Other thermocouple models have a grounded joint.

The mineral oxide thermocouples, on the other hand, have an insulated joint and the metal conductors inside are insulated with magnesium oxide (MgO).

All models can be single or double element with 2 wires.

The “J” type thermocouples are suitable for operating temperatures up to 650° C, while the “K” type model for operating temperatures up to 1200° C.

General characteristics:

  1. HOT JOINT grounded or insulated (mineral oxide thermocouples)
  2. CONDUCTORS in Iron/Constantan or in Nickel/Chrome-Nickel.
  3. INSULATION OF CONDUCTORS in fiberglass and silicone or in MgO.
  4. External armor in stainless steel 304 or inconel 600.
  5. Iron/Constantan material for temperatures up to 700° C
  6. Nickel/Chrome material for temperatures up to 1200° C
  7. Cable length on request (possible Armored cable)

All models can be fitted with a terminal protection head (DIN B) and a 4-20mA temperature transmitter in Ex execution for classified areas.

RT Pt100 temperature probes.

The RT PT100 thermoheaters, inserted for regulation or safety of the system, are supplied with the following characteristics:

  1. external shell in Aisi 304 stainless steel
  2. silicone fiberglass or magnesium oxide MgO insulation
  3. 2nd 3rd 4-wire execution
  4. diameter on request or standard
  5. resistive element in nickel
  6. maximum operating temperature in operation 550° C.
  7. with DIN B head
  8. with temperature transmitter.

With cable (armored option) and anti-crease spring.

Wells for temperature probes.

The relative wells for the temperature sensors supplied on systems made by Reart, for their maintenance, can be supplied.

Manholes with threaded and/or flanged connections.

Temperature transmitters (normal or 4-20mA).

In assistance to its customers, Reart can provide spare parts related to the supplied temperature transmitters.

The transmitters can be in IP55 execution or for Ex classified area with relative protection casing. They can be supplied in Hart execution and with SIL certification according to IEC61508.

Capillary bulb thermostats (For regulation or safety or both).

The capillary bulb electromechanical thermostats supplied by Reart have the following general characteristics:

  1. Single-phase or three-phase thermostats
  2. Thermostats with automatic reset control knob with SP-DT changeover contact
  3. Safety thermostats with manual reset and fixed setting.
  4. Thermostats with automatic reset regulation and manual reset safety.
  5. Copper or stainless steel capillary bulb
  6. Adjustment temperatures up to 300° C and safety up to 500° C with manual reset.

Rigid rod thermostats for single-phase heaters.

The rigid rod thermostats model RTR and RTD produced by RECO are supplied by Reart as spare parts on the single-phase electric heaters produced. The models and indications are visible in the dedicated section of the Reco website. They are single-phase thermostats for currents up to 20A.

The “RTR” model rigid rod electromechanical thermostat is used to regulate only the temperature of the heated fluid by means of the integrated external knob. The “RTD” model, in addition to the regulation of the process fluid, has the mechanical safety with manual reset to preserve the integrity of the system. Models and temperatures are indicated in the dedicated section.

The thermostats are approved by IMQ according to the IEC reference standards for the product and carry the ENEC quality mark.