Flanged electric heaters - washing and ironing

In the “Washing and Ironing” sector, where the machines or systems are for large production, flange heaters can be supplied for the water heating boilers and steam creation for the ironing process.
Reart produces flange-mounted electric heaters for heating liquids and gases of all kinds for the washing and ironing sector, plant engineering and industrial sectors. The flange heaters are studied and designed to fix the electric heater to the process to be heated, through a special connection flange that is defined according to the UNI or ANSI 16.5 standards. Unlike the process connection flanges, they can be designed and built according to customer specifications or drawings.
This type of heater is used for heating fluids in:
 – Storage tanks under pressure and in direct contact with the fluid to be heated
 – Piping in line with the process fluid to increase its operating temperatures.
The electric flange immersion heaters are suitable for heating all non-corrosive process fluids. They consist of one or more “U” bent heating elements or eyelets welded to the main connection flange by TIG welding or brazing, complete with electrical connections, safety devices and relative protective case of the same electrical connections. All the heating elements welded to the main flange of the heater are tested through hydraulic tests at well-defined pressures according to the design conditions indicated by the customer. Thanks to the hydraulic test performed by Reart on the welded heater, it is possible to guarantee the tightness of the welds of the heating elements to the flange, declaring this test in the final test certificate issued together with the product issued by Reart.
General technical characteristics of the Flange Electric heaters.
The flange Electric heating elements are essentially composed of:

  • Process heater connection flange
  • Electric heating beam with dimensions and materials according to the process fluid
  • Cooling and heat exchange splitters between the electrical bundle and the fluid
  • Group and electric protection head
  • Thermal sensors for regulation and safety of the system and heater.
    The connection flange of the electric heater is defined according to the customer already in the offer phase, so that the heater can be dimensioned on the process data.

The design for this type of heater is carried out according to the functional data requested by the customer, also considering and evaluating dimensional, physical, chemical and thermodynamic characteristics of the fluid to be heated. This ensures a very precise and accurate choice of the sizing of the heater and building materials. The electrical power installed on the Flanged electric heaters can vary up to thousands of kW according to specific customer requests. Usually, we can have the following reference design parameters for the sizing of the flange electric heaters:

  • Flanges up to 48”in accordance with ANSI B 16.5 specifications in carbon steels, stainless steels and nickel alloys.
  • Customized flanges on customer request.
  • Diameter of the heating elements forming in the tube bundle 8.5, 10 and 15 mm;
  • Material of the heating elements in carbon steel, stainless steel 304-321 316 (L), or much more noble alloys such as Incoloy 800 or 825 or Copper.
  • Protection rating of the electrical enclosures of the heaters IP40, IP55, IP65, IP66;
  • Installed electrical power up to 2MW per single heater.
  • Maximum immersion length of the electric beam about 3 meters.

All electric heaters running on flange can be equipped with thermal sensors such as thermostats and/or thermocouples or temperature probes (PT100) to protect the system and the heater itself in case of anomalous or unexpected situations on the system.

Flanged heaters can be equipped (if required) with the following accessories:

  1. 4-20mA temperature transmitters.
  2. Process control and safety sensors and heater (thermostats, PT100 temperature probes, thermocouples).
  3. Power and safety cable glands
  4. Electric control panel and heater control
  5. Anti-condensation heater (prevention against humidity)


electric flange heaters are typically applied for heating systems for:

  • Fresh, treated or process water.
  • Storage tank heating and frost protection
  • Synthetic oils, lubricants, minerals and fuels
  • Marine water (systems on board boats)
  • Accumulation and steam boilers
  • Process gas and gaseous fluids in general
  • Heating Forced air

The electric flange heaters are also customized on customer specifications and requests.