Electric duct heaters - CHEMICAL AND PETROCHEMICAL

Reart produces and develops Electric Duct Heaters for the processes of industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants.

Made up of several heating elements connected to each other and mounted on a single structure/frame, they are designed and conceived to be used in the heating process of air flows or inert gases.

Electric Duct Heaters are used for different types of applications:

  • Air handling unit (UTA) and UREA.
  • HVAC air conditioning systems
  • Heating Silos and Autoclaves
  • Drying plants, fume reduction plants, air drying plants;

The heating elements belong to the ‘finned heaters’ type and facilitate the heat exchange between the heater and the gas to be heated. See the section ‘Finned heaters’ for the type of elements applied. For applications with high operating temperatures on the process, smooth elements are used to form the heating assembly of the electric coil.

They are sized by the technical office, with the use of software for thermodynamic sizing, thanks to which it is possible to obtain the real operating conditions, according to the needs and specifications of the customer, to create air flows at a controlled temperature. Thanks to the use of this software for the sizing of Electric Duct Heaters, it is possible to define the main parameters including:

  • Electric power needed
  • Process side pressure drops
  • Surface load or specific power
  • Maximum surface temperature of the heating element
  • fluid flow rate inside the coil passage section
  • Electric coil dimensions
  • Building materials
  • Battery condition during normal expected operating conditions

Electric coils, designed to be inserted in conduits with a square or rectangular section, in tubes or in packs for ovens, are in direct contact with the process gas to be heated.

All the Electric Duct Heaters supplied are complete with the various safety systems (thermal sensors such as thermostats, thermocouples or temperature probes) to limit high temperatures, in case of anomalous operation of the system, on the process and on the electric heating beam.      

Together with the frame, the connection hoods between the passage section of the coil and the process section of the customer plant can be supplied. 

The Electric Duct Heaters can be supplied on Skid and with relative electric command and control panel.

The following certification documentation is supplied with the product:

  • Declaration of conformity
  • Battery assembly drawing
  • Battery wiring diagram
  • Use and maintenance manual
  • Single-wire wiring diagrams for the switchboard
  • Switchboard multi-wire wiring diagrams
  • Technical data sheets of the components used and relative declarations of conformity of the suppliers
  • Component list
  • Reart Internal test Report

Special executions are also provided on request and customer specifications.

Reart is able to provide the following services to support the products supplied:

  • Remote assistance to the commissioning & start-up of the plant
  • Assistance for spare parts for the preventive maintenance of the systems supplied.
  • Spare parts on supplied products.

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