For the generation of the steam necessary to perform the ironing process on the fabrics, very compact and reliable electric heaters are applied to quickly obtain the quantity of steam necessary to perform the ironing.

The heater models shown are definitely suitable and optimal for this type of application.

General characteristics of Standard tubular electric heaters.

The Standard tubular electric heaters are armored heating elements which, thanks to their technology, are used for heating processes for various applications such as water, steam, oil, acids, air and gas in general. They are built with resistance wire in Ni Cr 80/20, positioned in the center of a metal tube and insulated with high quality magnesium oxide (MgO), compacted by the cold rolling process. The Standard tubular electric heaters are available with standard diameters 6,5-8,5 -10-15 with the following materials: 

  • Copper
  • Stainless steel Aisi 321- Aisi 316L – Aisi 309
  • Incoloy 800

 Geometry, sizing and heating power on request or customer specification. All Smooth heating elements can be equipped with different accessories such as: 

  • Threaded electrical terminals
  • Electrical connections with Faston terminal
  • Sealed cables for electrical connection of the heater
  • Threaded bushings for fixing the electric heater
  • Flanges for fixing according to customer drawing

 Customized executions based on customer’s design and request.

The Standard tubular electric heaters are applied for the following reference sectors: 

  1. Heaters for domestic ovens (Household Appliance Sector).
  2. Heaters for the Professional Catering sector.
  3. Heating elements for the Washing and Ironing sector.
  4. Heaters for industrial ovens at high temperatures.
  5. Heaters for the Electromedical Sector.