Electric tanks (accumulation storage water heaters) - threaded electric immersion heating elements - electrical domestic sector

Another important household appliance supplied by Reart are the electric heaters for the electric storage tanks (electric water heater). Thanks to the great experience in the sector of the parent company Reco, world leader in the production of electric heating elements for domestic storage water heaters, Reart produces on demand electric heating elements for storage water heaters.
For the Standard models refer to the Reco section “Plug heating elements”, where you can find the codes, materials and dimensions of the models in stock.
For customized and customer-specific heating elements, Reart has a wide range of adaptable solutions based on the requests of various customers. It is possible to produce heating elements for domestic appliances (with standard 1 1/4 “G connection. ) with different characteristics such as:

  • Longer immersion length (heating part).
  • Armor material of the heating element in different material (Aisi 321, Aisi 316L, Incoloy 800) to improve the heater to corrosion.
  • Greater installed electrical power.
  • Customized power supply according to the country of installation
  • Possibility of inserting an IP55 protection casing for the electrical contacts
  • Capillary bulb regulation and safety thermostats.
  • Custom power cables for heater installation.

Customized solutions are possible based on customer requests and specifications.